Synthetic crude oil

It could seem that nothing can stop the rise in oil prices. There is a growing demand for it, and it is non-renewable energy source ... but is that really true?

Scientists announced that within 15 years they will be able to start producing synthetic crude oil. For the sake of accuracy - "synthetic" means only that it will not be extracted through natural processes, but will be produced by using appropriate technology. Apart from that, oil produced in this way will be identical to that mined from deposits.

Production of synthetic crude oil will be carried out in a very large tanks. It will be produced in the same conditions that existed on Earth millions of years ago, when natural deposits of crude oil arose. Processes of oil formation will occur much faster, which will constitute the only difference. Artificially bred organisms contain about 50% of oil. Moreover, nearly every day they double their weight! Even more interesting is the fact that carbon dioxide is bound in the process of oil production, so this technology can be important matter for ecology.

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