Greenpeace attacks again. Adidas and H & M at gunpoint

Greenpeace accuses the largest clothes producers of polluting the Yangtze and Guangdong rivers. Its activists appealed to those corporations to draw attention to the problem of pollution.

Greenpeace attacks

Greenpeace attacked some of the most famous clothing brands. Among them there are Adidas, Puma, H & M and Converse. Greenpeace notes that the gaps existing in Chinese law regarding protection of the environment allow to discharge factory sewage to the most important rivers. That is why Greenpeace activists appealed to the companies to pay more attention whether production processes are not inducing excessive water pollution.

Tests carried out by Greenpeace in the past year shown that in the water of both rivers there is a huge concentrations of toxic substances that are banned in the European Union. Activists are convinced that the situation in other rivers of the country is similar or even worse.

The amount of water pollution in the rivers Yangtze and Guangdong is not surprising taking into account the fact that China is now the largest manufacturer and exporter of garments. Due to the extremely cheap labor, many companies decide to open their factories in this country. However, accused brands deny that they act against the environment. They confirm neither using river water nor discharging sewage to it. Only Lacoste ensured that they will observe the problem and address the issue.

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