Ecological tires as a future of motorization

Ecological burden associated with cars stem not only from their exploitation. The way in which such a vehicle is produced is very important for environmental protection. Today, unfortunately, the production processes of the individual components of the vehicle very often have nothing to do with ecology.

Ecological tires

However scientists keep working constantly to change it. Among other things, they are trying to develop eco-car tires. They will be eco friendly from several reasons:

  • thanks to the fact that new tires will be lighter by up to 30% than those traditional ones, rolling resistance will be reduced and thus also fuel consumption will decrease.
  • adaption of modern materials (a mixture of gum in the composite braid) will extend life of the tire so that it can be used longer, which will reduce environmental burdens due to the production of a new tires
  • during production of eco-tires less toxic gases and harmful chemicals will be emitted, also noises will be reduced

This news gives hope to reduce the environmental burden resulting from the mass use of cars. Despite the fact that their popularity is not going to decrease.

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