Eco car conditioning

Protecting the environment is being treated as a priority for some time, also in the European Union. New regulations concerning more ecological approach to the world are constantly being introduced. This time, officials from the EU decided to look at the air-conditioning devices.

eco car

During the summer, especially when the weather is nice and during hotwave, the majority of people without air conditioning in the offices, cars or houses cannot function efficiently. Unfortunately, very often air conditioning is not maintained in appropriate technical condition. Very often these devices are leaky, which causes the emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere.

The European Union decided to address the problem. They decided that each air conditioning user, regardless whether it is a company or a private person, will be obliged to conduct environmental documentation for this device. It will, therefore, have to be subjected to cyclic and systematic servicing. What\'s more – only certified maintenance technicians will be to entitled to carry out the service.

This last warning may be a source of serious difficulties – there can be lack of certified professionals in some countries. These legal regulations will enter into force overnight, and the training process is stretched in time. What is more, there will be a need to appoint environmental inspectors who would watch over the observance of the new rules.

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